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Mother’s Day Gift Guide!

We are only a few days away from Mother’s Day. Can you believe it? Time is passing so quickly. I think I realize it more now than I did before becoming a mom myself. I was just thinking back to Mother’s Day last year and honestly it was a blur. I think if I could give myself anything, it would be time. I would want more time with my baby girl because it goes by so quickly. I am sure my own mom probably felt the same way. However, that is one thing that money can’t buy, so let’s talk about the things that it can! Ha!

I really think once you become a mother yourself, you have a new appreciation for your own mom…at least that was the case for me. You realize all that they did for you and the sacrifices that were made. I’m also very thankful for my husband’s mother because she raised an amazing man. Basically, every day should be Mother’s Day! Am I right?! Anyway, let’s get down to business…what should you buy for your mom, mother-in-law, or yourself… These are my recommendations based on products that I have, love, or want myself. Hopefully you can get some ideas, but feel free to share your own ideas in the comments section.
I’m all about products that make my life easier and this handy key ring does just that! You can add your keys and wrist-let to it and carry everything on your arm, freeing up your hands for the things that matter most! Take 20% off with code: SuperHero

You can’t go wrong with a gift from ABLE, a local Nashville company, that specializes in quality goods handmade around the world! Get 20% off your first purchase when you subscribe to their emails.

Jewelry that captures the lives of powerful women who believed God and changed the world. This may be my absolute favorite gift to give to others. It’s spiritual, meaningful, and the quality is hands-down the best for the price point. I gave one of these to my mom for Christmas and she was in tears she loved it so much. If nothing else, check out this site and see the amazing work that they do! If you sign up for their e-mails, they will give you 15% off your first order.

Here are some other ideas of things you could do if “Acts of Service” are more her thing!

  1. Spa Day at local massage parlor
  2. Hire someone to clean the house – Molly Maid or something like that
  3. Take care of dinner for her so that she doesn’t have to do it
  4. Create a coupon book of things you will do for her: take out the trash, do the laundry, clean out the garage, plant flowers, etc.

I hope you’ve found some ideas! If I’ve forgotten something, leave it in the comments below! Happy Mother’s Day! ~Ashley

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